Magic Overview

Hub has a very flexible magic system, with players able to create their own spells in consultation with the GM. Players can also take specialisations to allow them to further customise their spells - and define the cantrip they gain with their first spell.

The major specialisations are:

Other minor specialisations can exist, for example a mage devoted to the manipulation of metals. Please discuss ideas with the GM.

A specialisation gives the following bonuses and penalties:

A non-specialised mage is always charged at base cost. Their initial cantrip is decided by the first spell brought.

Casting Spells

In order to cast a spell a character must have at least the number of power points the spell requires, each spell will have its own requirements, left. Upon completion of the verbal the power required to cast the spell is deducted from the casters remaining power, if the casting process is interrupted by the caster taking damage or being subject to an incapacitating effect or stopped volentarily then no power points are lost. Power points are normally lost on a temporary basis until the character has had sufficient time to regenerate the power they have used casting spells. In some rare cases the spell being cast causes the caster to permanently lose the power involved in casting it, in this case the only way to regain the power lost is to use experience points to purchase additional power points.

Spell range and duration

The default range for all spells is 15 feet (5 meters), some spells however have reduced ranges or area effects.

The default duration for a non-instantaneous spell is 15 minutes or one encounter (whichever expires 1st)

Power Point Regeneration

Power points used to cast spells regenerate naturally at a rate of 1 power point every 5 minutes (non-interrupted) during non-strenuous activity, Fighting and Running prevent the natural regeneration of power points. Other means of regenerating power may (or may not) work during combat or strenuous activity. Any character choosing magic as thier primary skill set gains an additional power point every minutes (ie 2 per 5 minutes)as thier base regeneration rate.

Spell Customisation

As hub has no set spell lists or tables which casters must adhere to, in order to create a spell the player should contact the GM team via the forum (either by PM or in thier characters private thread) with the details of the spell they wish to create. The following list gives some of the details available to a caster in creation of thier spells, other options will be considered as submitted by players. These details should include (as relevent):

Once a spell has been submitted the experience cost, power cost, and casting length will be assigned by the GM team who will confirm these details once the player has accumulated enough experience to finish researching the spell

Resisting Magic

In order to resist a spell a suitable potion or spell may be used, alternatively the survival skill 'resist magic' may be used as detailed in the skill descriptions. In the event that a spell is resisted through any of these means the call resist, or otherwise indicating that the spell had no effect (e.g. staggering slightly mid charge if a knockback was being resisted), should be used